I'm frikkin high on caffeine! I've added another 800 words to the novel in just about 40 minutes. Now, I'm only 1800 words short... I have to stay up until the wee hours to make up for lost time now. Plus, I'm going to be so wired, I won't be able to sleep anyway. I only hope I have some story to write for all the jitters I'm gonna have. Bleh!


Arnold got in trouble! Mr. Snort his Nose got talked to by both H.R. and the Director of Sales. From what I could evesdrop, he isn't allowed to come into our office unless he has to get something off the printer. And, then he is to get the paper, and then LEAVE. No more lurking around, listening in on conversations that don't concern him (unlike the way I do it, which is verrrry classy).... I also believe I heard him getting chewed out for not being able to get along with some of the Sales Support staff. You know, I would feel more sorry for the guy, but, I have a kid who has a personality disorder. She has had trouble most of her childhood with making friends. She has suffered a lot. HOWEVER, she has taken the time to try and modify her bad habits, and to try and fit into society a bit better. She's only 14 and she can do it. He's obviously had this problem his entire life. He can learn too.

Well, back to the book. I wish I smoked. I could use an ashtray full of cigarette butts right about now.


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