It rained today. What a treat. Well, most people around the country wouldn't call what we had, rain - but, here in sunny So. Cal, it was nearly "Storm Watch" time! Glad I harvested yesterday. I wasn't prepared to wade thru the mud to get to my beans today. And, God watered for me, so I didn't have to!


The dance performance was really, really good. I told kidlet that if we truly hated it, we could leave at intermission, and she could fake her paper. At intermission, I asked kidlet if we HAD to leave. She was like "No Way!" Those kids could effing DANCE! There was one little guy, about 10 years old. His name is Drew Burgess, and he's from Ohio. He came to LA with his mom, for 4 months, so he could study dance at a big, fancy LA dance studio. This kid is going to be the next Gene Kelly! What a tapper! What stage presence! We were sitting next to his mom, of all people! She was just bursting with pride... It was a nice surprise to find talent in our little town.


I'm so behind on the novel again. I have no discipline. I dig my feet in when I think about how I should be writing instead of working the remote control. I have dishes to wash, and I'm feeling tired, and I can't figure out how to get our plucky heroine from one place to the next using gobs and gobs of words... I even went CD shopping, just to buy "writing" music. I got one of my all time favorites, Phoebe Snow's Second Childhood - I've had this one on vinyl, cassette, and now CD. Every time I hear it, I am reminded of a faaabulous trip to Palm Springs back in the '70's. I also got an Irish singer - Sinead Lohan's "No Mermaid", and INXS - "Elegantly Wasted" just for fun... These were all in the Used CD section, and none of them cost over $5. I shop like a starving writer.


Had another nightmare. Dreamed I kissed my ex-husband. Bleh!!!!


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