I am a shit-heel of a sponsor. My poor sponsees have to put up with me being the most self-absorbed alcoholic ever put on this planet (and since one of the hallmark symptoms of alcoholism is an extraordinary dis-interest in anything but one's self, I certainly qualify). Well, I am hormonal these days - overwrought, emotional, irritated by the slightest intrusion by other humans, puffy like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, etc. So, I must remember to take everything I think or feel with a huge grain of salt.

However, one of my sponsee's just celebrated 18 months of continuous sobriety. That's good! But, you see, I didn't do anything special for her. I didn't go to the local 12-step store to pick her our a chip, or a card. Nothing from a-hole sponsor, no-siree.

One practical reason for this is, when I got sober, and in actuality, the meetings I go to, don't celebrate 18 months. That's mostly done at AA "clubs", where they get a lot of hard-luck newcomers, and it makes sense to celebrate as much and often as possible. So, I never thought of 18 months as a situation wherein one parties. But, see, she does. I should have gotten over myself for one day, in order to celebrate with her.

I know. I'll get my ass over to the 12-step store (and that's showing lots of love right there. The guy who owns the store is more than half-crazy, and really lonely. You find yourself slowly backing your way to the door in order to get out, and away from him as he talks, and talks, and talks) I'll get her a special chip for 18 months - nicer than she'll get from her meeting, and I'll give it to her on Monday. OR, and I just thought of this, right this second - She told me about a massage place nearby, where for $25 (!!) they give you an HOUR massage, and after that hour is gone, they take all the oils off you, and work on just your head for a while. Maybe we two gals could go and have a sponsor/sponsee day of massage fun as treated by the sponsor! Hmmmm Good Idea Batman.


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