Shameless plug. Monday the 26th will be my 47th birthday. Not only does that make me completely old and crotchety - it also means (unless I get lucky in the next 10 days) 2 YEARS since I got some...

That's a really long time between dickin's for alot of people, but when I was married, we went 3 years - basically the last 3 years.

So, I was reflecting on this, and I have come to the conclusion that it's not really so bad. Oh, I have my nearly rabid moments here or there, but mostly I don't miss it that much. I have plenty of time to devote to other interests - and really, if I'm in a relationship, everything else seems to go out the window in favor of the sex thang.

Since my last interlude, I have taken up photography, I have changed residences, I am a vegetable farmer/gopher slayer, I have sponsored two women in AA, I got a platinum card, I started a cool Warren Kimble collection, I'm doing this D-Land thing, not to mention the whole super great mom parts - lots of stuff that I enjoy, and would otherwise not have gotten to do - 'cause I would have been getting laid. Hmmmmmmm....

Plus the men I choose are always so effed up. Remind me to tell you about the last one. He was a real catch. I mean, when his ex-wife waited for him to go to work, packed up his kids, the Tupperware, and left him a note saying "Don't try and find us" - that ought to tell you something! Nope. Not me. When none of his ex-girlfriends would speak to him again, and one of them calls him an abusive man - that's a clue, right? Naw... When his only male friend is a 9 year old boy (????) When even I thought he was such a phony person, I stopped attending one of the meetings he attended for an entire year - No - the minute he came sniffing around, sensing my vulnerability no doubt, I was all over him, cause he had one of those "thangs"... It's best that I've been kept off the streets thus far. Really. Outside of gaining about 20 pounds, I'm doing a whole lot better on my own.


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