Well, here I am - dishes in the sink, piled up near chest high. Bathroom a Health Department worker would write-up. Nothing on the tee vee. I haven't even showered yet - maybe I won't!

My one project today is to uninstall and upgrade Netscape. Our computer froze last week, and the kidlet pushed the "Fix It" button without finding out what needed to be fixed... It ate the mail, and some other stuff.

I'm almost done with Christmas shopping already. My goal is to be completely finished by December 1st. That's never happened before, though usually, I wrap it up early in December. No doubt I'm done so fast, because I have no CASH to spend. So, that works out well.

The kidlet just left for a museum outing with her dad. It's sad that my ex-husband turned out to be such an a-hole. Really, I so enjoy him now, more than I did when we were married. Now that we're not really dependent on one another in our daily lives, there's none of the old power struggle we used to go through. I function better as a single person. I don't have to ask permission, or negotiate, or pout, or argue with anybody about what I do. I only need to consider whether I can afford something, and whether it will affect my daughter. So much easier on the nerves.

I saw something funny on the news last night. Of course, the news was all about "Harry Potter". And, of course, they had to mention the protests - one "youth minister" explained that he was against the movie, because some of the young people might want to try this magic, and that it was a dangerous thing to do. Hello? Magic? Like, making things fly and stuff? That's, like, not real dumbass! I swear, I am more and more amazed by the ignorance of people every day.

My friend has her kids in a fundamentalist parochial school (she has her own issues about private schools somehow making her kids better than other kids. If you ask me, she's spending $1000 a month to have the spirit pounded out of them - but, to each their own, I guess). This school had a special parent's meeting, in order to warn them about the evil Harry Potter movie. Now, my friend says she has to wait for the summer, when, hopefully, the movie will be on DVD. Her kids can watch it while they're not in school, so the faculty, and other kids won't give them a hard time over watching it...

Meanwhile, my kid is back in her bedroom practicing Magick. She's a real pip, I'll tell ya. One day, she decided she wasn't looking very attractive. (She had PMS, but I didn't want to set her off by mentioning that). So, she did a spell, wherein her "inner beauty" would shine through to the outside of her. Of course, it worked like a charm (duh! - can you spell psychology???), and she's been feeling beeeutiful ever since. Magick DOES work!

Tomorrow is sponsor/sponsee massage day. That sounds particularly kinky. Let me rephrase that. Tomorrow, my sponsee and I are going to a massage center for our hour-long Swedish massages. I've never had a massage before - well, outside of the times I let certain men take off all my clothes and give me a half-baked rubdown as part of their feeble excuse for foreplay - Oh, one time, I went on a fix-up date with this creepy guy who owned a nice Porsche and a really nice condo by the beach. He took me to the condo, and made me a great steak dinner. At some point during the evening, he thought it would be nice to sit in the hot tub. I didn't. So, he got into it - nekkid, and I sat on the step talking to him. This guy thought he was so suave - after his soak, he stood up, just as I looked up - right at his UNIT! It was right - in- my- face!! Aaargh! I just pretended I didn't see anything - you know, like when a co-worker has a booger...

After dinner, I let him take off all my clothes and give me a real long full body massage. He thought the deal was sealed. Until I got up, put on my clothes, said goodnight and left. Fair exchange for the dick in my face.


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