Purchased a book for me. I think I may even be able to read it. I'm such a picky reader - I don't know if I have excellent taste in reading material, or if I'm just boring and unadventurous. I do have a very short attention span these days for whatever reason. If a book doesn't grab me RIGHT AWAY, I don't have the patience to stick with it and find out if it will grab me later on.

I'm currently reading "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers. It did grab me right away, what with his mom downstairs on the sofa, spitting up green fluid into a plastic container and all...

I haven't been able to finish a book since Barbara Kingsolver's "The Prodigal Summer" last YEAR. But then again, Barbara Kingsolver is a goddess who should be worshipped and given many gifts for her ability to transport the reader into a world of wonder and inspiration - yada yada yada.

I always hope I can get back into my former reading pattern of having approximately 3 books going at the same time. I just don't think that's going to happen ever again. I'm too old. I fall asleep after reading a few pages nowadays.


The mall yesterday was something else. Thousands of meanderers and crowd-farters. I hate Christmas shopping at the mall. I never go there during the holidays, but I thought it would be fun yesterday. WRONG! Back hurt. Feet hurt. Crankiness ensued. I did pick up something for my mom and one girlfriend, so at least it was a productive trip.

And, my brother called to tell me our mother said during Thanksgiving dinner, that I had volunteered to have Christmas at my house! He said she sounded okay with it! Gee, when I approached her with the suggestion, I thought she would have a stroke! I'm afraid to ask her about it again, because odds are, she'll act like she doesn't remember saying anything, and my hopes will be dashed. So, I'm going to live the fantasy for a while...

I Awaken early on Christmas morning, and creep out to open gifts by the tree with the kidlet - WITH NO TIME LIMIT BECAUSE WE HAVE TO GET OVER TO GRANDMA'S HOUSE BEFORE THEY START CALLING US BECAUSE WE'RE LATE... I prepare a succulant feast (of my own choosing) in my own kitchen, at my own pace. The kidlet and I, greet our guests at our door with seasonal joy and good cheer. Gifts are exchanged, feast is consumed, conversation is had, leftovers are distributed and at the end of the festivities - EVERYONE GOES HOME!

The only time I have been "allowed" to do Christmas dinner at my house - was the time my mother forgot to get her flu shot and was too ill to do dinner. I was sad for her, but overwhelmingly excited for me. The husband and I ran to Honeybaked and got a fabulous ham, and threw together a marvelous dinner for ourselves and his family, who were just as happy to come to our table, as we were to have them.

I know she was probably just talking to hear herself talk. I'm sure she intends to continue the tradition of making her children - and THEIR children come over to her house at 11 in the effing morning on Christmas day just like every year. But, for now, I'm way into the fantasy...


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