My former husband just left with our daughter for a day of bonding and fun (also, she needs to pick up a birthday gift for ME). We have this arrangement whereby he buys me my birthday stuff and I buy him his, but they're from her - that way we still get cool stuff. I know, it's sick and doesn't teach our daughter anything, but, hey - it's cool stuff!!

He asked if he could use our bathroom before they hit the road. When he came back out, he had a huge wet spot on the front of his Levi's. This brought back memories, let me tell you. It's certainly not all men who don't shake their penises enough after using them, is it? I've been close to multitudes of men, and I don't recall ANY of them who walked around with pee residue on the front of their pants! Just him... Aren't you supposed to shake it a few times afterwards to avoid this kind of thing? It was like looking at a car accident. I kept having to avert my eyes to avoid staring at it. Eeeewww!


So depressing about work tomorrow. I like my job. I like my co-workers. But, if I could swing it, I would find a way to stay right here in my cozy apartment, and NEVER have to leave it. Why wasn't I blessed with TALENT instead of these acursed GOOD LOOKS!!!???


My apologies. I haven't had SEX in TWO YEEEEEAAAARRRRSS

SLAY ON BUFFY!! (get some for both of us, girl!)

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