I swear, there are vampires living below me. Vampires. That's the only way to explain them. They sleep during the day, and are up ALL NIGHT - not just up screwing and watching TV like normal night owls. These creatures are up cleaning, hanging pictures, playing musical instruments for crissakes! Yep. They've got to be vampires.


Birthday was pretty cool. My daughter gave me Snoop Doggy Dogg's greatest hits CD - How funny was it to be driving along, 47 years old, in a GEO Metro - chillin' to the master of the LBC? You probably have NO idea how funny! I couldn't stop laughing at myself.

Got some other nice stuff - some of which will arrive via FedEx tomorrow - cake, icecream from the co-workers and nice lunch with my former boss and another girlfriend. My mom stopped her guilt trip long enough to cut me a check for $50 - woo hoo! I'm going to put it towards a pair of binoculars. Now I can watch the birds without getting eye/neck strain. AND, I gave myself a little b-day present - I bought a digital camera! I can't wait until it arrives and I can play around with it - take pics of my eyeballs and stuff, and post them on this page.

In contemplating another year added to my life, and another year closer to death, I've come to the conclusion that what's really great is, I have an emotional age of approximately 27, due to the long gap of drunkeness and therefore no emotional growth between the ages of 16 when I started, and 36 when I got sober. Even though I'm physically an old fart of 47 - I'm still verrry young at heart.

I think the vampires have taken a little break in the musical variety show downstairs. Maybe they've gone out to feed or something. I'll take advantage of the quiet, and hit the sheets.


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