This hasn't started off as a good day. This morning, I had my little space heater on in the front room (our apartment was built with the electrical heating unit in the ceiling, so not only is it ridiculously expensive to heat one room - approx. $70 extra per month - the heat RISES so the pigeons on the roof will be warm!). I purchased small, space heaters because it is much cheaper to run those than the ceiling heaters. 5 minutes before I had to get the kidlet out of bed, I went into her room and turned on her little space heater so she could get up to a warm room. 2 minutes later, the circuit breakers "popped" and the apartment fell silent... I went about, unplugging things along that particular circuit and then flipped the switches off and on. Nuttin. Off and on. Nuttin. We got no electricity along that circuit at all. Waaaaaa! I would have called the manager, but she doesn't live in our building, and she makes the tenants wait for repair people. I have way too many deadlines today to be sitting on my ass waiting for somebody to fix my apartment. Plus, what if she says this was my fault and tries to charge me?????? I gotta hide those heaters!


I also have to give up the whole, man-whore dream I was having. I made a trip to the garden, and discovered that the latest rain/wind storm we had over the weekend had devistated my little plot. My gorgeouse 8 foot tall ornimental sunflower, which was chock-full of buds just ready to burst had been knocked over by the wind - and had laid on top of the entire row of Love-Lies-Bleeding for 4 days and now they're squished. Then, the frost we had night before last totally burned the cucumber plant... I did harvest a half-dozen cucumbers and they're goooood.

This weekend, instead of wasting my money on some floozy - I'm gonna take it to Home Depot and pick up a wheelbarrow, so I can pull up the damaged plants and big weeds that have grown in since the rain. After I wheel those to the dumpster, I'm going to wheel a mess of manure back and spread it over the parts of the garden that will be empty. I'm not doing any winter crops. After the cauliflower and cabbage are done, I'm packing it in until February. Mother Nature is harsh and unforgiving, let me tell you!


My digital camera has already arrived from the Home Shopping Network (the BEST place to buy stuff). I was already playing with it this morning, and I think I'm going to have loads of fun with it. As far as high points of the day - That's It...


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