The beach was lovely, all grey and deserted. Except for the birds. Seagulls everywhere. We came upon a huge gathering at the park next to the Redondo Beach Pier, and I scared them. Off they flew in a flock, soaring overhead, then around, then overhead again. I fired off a few shots (camera, not gun), hoping to get something worth printing. I do that a lot. If I take 24 pictures, and I get 5 that are worth looking at, and one that is, in my opinion, worthy of praise - then it's been a good shoot.

We also saw the most adorable thing - a family or two, or five of Sandpipers. Tiny, little baby birds. They would run out onto the wet sand when the wave was out, and come running back to shore when the wave came in. I placed myself at the edge of the wet, so they had to run towards me, and I got some pictures that MAY come out. There were about 25 babies - so sweet.

I did get some shots today that should be (please dear baby Jesus) spectacular. I only hope I loaded the film correctly. The incorrectly loaded film thing only happened once, and not with this camera, but the trauma lives on. If I got something good, I'll find a way to post it here...


It's time to clean house and put the tree up. For some reason, it smells like Burbon in here. Burbon?? Yech!


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