So, I spent the better part of two hours, listening to owl calls off the computer. I went through each and every species of owl that frequents the western part of the US. I found him. The Great Horned Owl. He's the one with the pointy ears, the one you generally think of when you think of an owl. I am pretty excited to find that these owls tend to hang out, mate, breed and raise their young in the same general area for years and years. Since he's been hanging around for a few months now, and seems to have acquired a gal pal, I will be really happy if they produce little owl chicks. I just have to get a look at him - but I don't know how without opening the sliding glass door so loud it might scare him away. I'll figure out something, I'm very resourceful.


Speaking of resourceful - I finally got over my phobia of apartment managers, long enough to call mine and tell her I had no electricity in the wall sockets - due to my "ahem, ahem" drying my hair with the hairdryer...

I left her that on her voice mail. She called me back - like this stuff happens all the time here - and said I should check the circuits in case one was loose. If it was, I needed to get a hammer, and use it to flip the circuit all the way to "off" and as hard as I could, flip it to "on".... Well, I got my trusty hammer, and began slamming. It worked!! I did it myself, without the hassle of taking off work so some handyman could tell me I had fried the wiring in the apartment, and get evicted from the place I love (see how my mind is very, very sick???)

So, I'm jazzed to have power. The kidlet is glad to have her bedroom TV working again - I haven't seen her since I turned it back on. Ahhh adolescence....


Oh yeah. They're moving that Arnold with the huge butt, down the hall, and away from all of us! This is such good news. Now we can leave food out, without worrying that he's touched it, right after honking that gawd-awful nose of his. Whew!


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