In the world of administrative assistants - I'm the one who takes the "little yellow bus" to work...

Firstly I forgot to send my Michigan boss's weekly FedEX package to him yesterday - and there was a check in it. He lives from paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us - so, that went over REAL well. I had to send it for Saturday delivery, and spend extra company money (bye bye Xmas bonus 2002...) so he gets his check by bank closing time.

Then, I sent some stuff to the VP for signature a MONTH ago. He just returned it. Yay! So, I go about filling in the stuff I need to fill in to get it all processed in accounting. I look, and he only signed the TOP request!!! AAAARGH!

I sent them all back, muttering to myself about how he's gonna make me crazy - only to find a pile on my desk - of SIGNED requests. I had sent back the COPIES I made for my records!!! I had to go grovelling to his secretary, and have her fish them off his desk befor he saw them... I hold onto this job by the skin of my teeth, I tell ya.

So glad it's the weekend. It's warm, almost hot here. It'll be great to cruise around tomorrow in the sun. I just hope I have someplace to go!

Oh. Tomorrow, I'm going to go down under the big "owl tree", and search for "owl pellets". Those are the balls they regurgitate of mouse, or bird, or small child parts the owl can't digest. You can find them, dissect them, and try and figure out what the owl has been feeding on. Verrrrry Interrresting... Jeez. I really need to get laid if this is what is fascinating me these days.


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