I've been sitting here at the computer, screwing around with the HTML - mostly unsuccessfully. I cannot seem to figure out how to get my diaryrings from the corner they're in, to a better place - I'm thinking along the bottom, under the entry area. The space is just wasted there, and I can't figure out how to get something in it. I know zippity doo dah about HTML, so if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, please feel free to advise me...

While I was sitting here - I had C-Span on in the background. They're re-playing a hearing on baseball in the state of Minnesota. Governor Jessie Ventura is one of the panel members. I never thought I would say a thing like this - but, Jessie Ventura ROCKS!!! He was the only one in the room who was making any kind of realistic sense. He was asking questions, and not allowing the bullshitters to get away with bullshitting. How refreshing. I for one, am soo incredibly tired of politicians telling out and out lies - while their counterparts on the other side of the aisle, acting like they believe them - just so that later on down the road, they can lie and get away with it too.

I say, we the great unwashed, take to the streets!!! We don't have freedom of speech anymore - If a citizen speaks against the government in a time of "war" that citizen can be brought up on charges of sedition!!! We cannot speak on our telephones with confidence of having a private conversation (bye bye phone sex??? HA!!!), because Asscroft and his cronies might just be listening in for terrorist chats - even the internet - and our DIARIES could be looked at...

Now, I don't have anything to fear as far as illegal activities or terrorism (I hope the definitions haven't changed since I went to bed last night), but it really, really makes me angry that the same crybaby, ultra-conservative, right-wing wacko religious nuts (did I cover everything?) who screamed for 6 years about the "immoral" Bill Clinton and his 25 year old blow job giver, are good and close friends (pew-mates most likely) with the Chairman of the ENRON company - who KNEW he was mismanaging and ripping off people for a long while before he crapped out. The same company that was going to give the Chairman a BILLION dollar bonus - AFTER he screwed the pooch! Gee... which is more immoral? An occasional bj? or blatant criminality??

Aargh. Don't get me started (I could wind up in jail for sedition...)


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