Many thanks and much gratitude to Eloi for coming to my HTML rescue! My page is all neatened up now. I feel so pretty!

Folks here at Diaryland are so wonderful and nice - and you all know who you are...*wink*

Today was lovely. So warm and sunny. I actively appreciated the summer-like weather. This was probably the last warm day for a few months to come, so I went out to the garden, and basked in it. I watered and watered and watered, until I could water no more. I wanted to stay out there forever. Just me, the crows and the feral cat who patrols for gophers.

I played with my binoculars a bit also. I shouldn't have scrimped on the price though. This pair is compact, which is nice, but I would really like a larger, more convenient pair that was easier to see out of. It was fun looking at the crows in my tree. These crows are big, like Dobermans already. Magnified, so it appears they are right over my head - is scary.

I couldn't find any owl pellets. Most of the ground below the owl tree is covered with ivy. I'm not digging in ivy - god knows whatall is in there!

Tonight's dinner - herb chicken tortollini and a tossed green salad - made entirely with produce from my garden. Mmmmmmm good.

It's late, but I'm going to clean and tidy my apartment. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be colder and cloudy. I'm getting up and making gingerbread. We're gonna be clean, and smell simply marvelous.

Tomorrow night, Chanukah begins. We're not Jewish, but we always try and celebrate at least the spirit of the holiday - freedom to worship as one pleases, as well as the wonder of a caring Higher Power. We're going to Whole Foods. They have ready made brisket and Latkes. We'll light a candle and eat. It's all good.

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