Gosh, I sure hope this shows up well. It's dark on my monitor, so I don't know what to think...

I had four photos (not this one though) blown up to 5x7, and then I went to Michael's and got frames. I'm pretty darned jazzed about how everything turned out.

My apartment stinks right now. I was making French vegetable soup - I had chopped leeks, carrots, potatoes and green beans, and was "sweating" them. I lost track of what I was doing, and burned the whole thing! I just barely saved the pot from being destroyed! Bah! Oh, well. We'll have Progresso New England Clam Chowder instead...

My mother shocked the hell out of me. She asked what she could bring to Christmas Dinner. This is after I had volunteered to make dinner at my house, and she said dinner would be at her house. This is after she told witnesses, at Thanksgiving dinner, that I was making Christmas dinner - only to tell my brother the next day, that she had said no such thing... I gave up even dreaming.

Now, she says she never said she wasn't having dinner at my house. She said she always was going to...I'm very happy about this. I can stay in my own home, cooking on my own stove! Just like a REAL grownup.Just hope I don't burn anything...


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