I have taken the leap of faith. I changed from analog to digital cable. I don't know why that scares me so much. It's just fucking television! I have put off changing for nearly a year - so stupid. My cable provider (the MUTHA of all cable providers) has made it almost impossible to stay with the analog. My largest single bill each month, outside of rent, is the cable bill. I don't mind so much, because I use the television more than anything else. I worship at the alter of tee-vee. However, I am no longer willing to pay this much dough, while the cable company takes away TWO of my HBO's, and gives me such stellar replacements as Oxygen (aka Oprah Winfrey channel - showing XENA 24/7) and WE (Women's Entertainment - what a lot of sexist hooey)...

I called the cable company today, and it only took me three different people before I got a straight answer about what the change would entail, and what it would cost me. Whew!

I will be paying about $2.00 more per month than I do now, however, I will be getting, not only local channels, standard cable line-up (you know, FX, Bravo, TCM etc.), PLUS, and this is the best part - 9 HBO's and 5 Showtimes!!!! I can feel my ass growing even now!

Oh, you know that little "on-time" service guarantee??? Seems they can guarantee their showing up time - because it's somewhere between 10:a.m. and 7:p.m.! That means I get to be trapped in my apartment all day, the day after Christmas, waiting for some bozo to show up with my 14 new movie channels. Some guarantee.

I've been pondering my Christmas dinner menu. I want it to be Christmas-y, and I don't want to copy my mother's menu. I'm still ironing out the details, and things will most likely change, but I'm thinking of having both turkey and ham - something un-heard of in our family. Also, I have always wanted to serve brussels sprouts as one of the vegetables. They're so cute - they resemble tiny Christmas tree ornaments - and ohh so nummy. Don't most people dislike them though? I could always do something pedestrian, like peas with butter sauce... I also want to liven up the stuffing. Maybe throw something unexpected into it - marbles???


I went to the garden yesterday, and harvested the last of the lettuce. I also picked a head of cauliflower. It's one of the heads I grew from a seed - babied on my balcony through the summer heat, and transplanted on Labor Day. I'm so very proud of that little cauliflower. I can't wait to devour it!!! So completely sick...


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