Merry Christmas!

I awoke with a clamour, and ran to the sliding glass door, to see what was the matter...

Stupid neighbor's car alarm.

Ahh, but the mountains were blanketed by a pink sky, and while I waited for the alarm to go off by itself (nobody ever checks those things), I stood in my flannel nightie, and appreciated the beauty that surrounded me.

It's 9 a.m. The turkey is in the oven. Honey-faked ham was prepared yesterday. I'm about to hit the shower, then it's off to the kitchen to slice apples for the Waldorf salad.

My kidlet was delighted with Santa's offerings. DVD's The Wicker Man, John Carpenter's Vampires, The Craft... (sensing a theme here?) She got some new clothes, a little eyeshadow, shower radio (like she doesn't spend enough time in there already) and an Athame - a knifelike implement, used by witches to control their powers - like a wand. It's black and pewter, with a castle on the handle, and dragon wings. She wept...

The cats are high as kites from their Christmas gifts - catnip stuffed toys. Saturday night, there was a Nature special on PBS. It was all about Ravens and how smart they are. The special was done very well, and the camera work was awesome. The Ravens were practically flying right into my living room. Both cats were rivited to the screen. Malcolm even went up to it and started swatting the screen with his paws. I brought both of them up on the sofa to watch it with me. Poor Mal was traumatized. He slinked past the TV to get to the kitchen for a bite to eat. Now, he refuses to even look at the screen - just in case there is a giant bird in there, waiting for him.


We've moved the computer into the kidlet's room. It was just going to be temporary, so the dining room would have more room for Christmas dinner guests. My dining room is really spacious without the big computer table in it. The view out the floor to ceiling glass window is too gorgeous to block again. So, we decided to leave the computer in the bedroom. This is cramping my style. I'm used to being able to go on line any time I feel like it. For the past three days, the kidlet has been down with a cold - in her room, on the computer... Now I have to fight her for it. Waaaa!


Okay. Shower time. Then apple chopping. Afterward, I get to pick up my mother and spend four long hours entertaining her before the other guests arrive. I'd better be getting a buttload of good karma off this!



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