An hour ago, there was a knocking on our front door. I looked through the peep-hole and the person knocking saw my eyeball!! So much for discretion. Anyhoo - there was this guy outside, about 25 years old, with a piercing in his face, right below his lower lip. He says he's doing a fund raiser for his school, and that my next door neighbor had sent him over to my apartment. Okay. First off, this idiot is waaaay too old to be going to school anywhere, and secondly, the apartment next door has been vacant for about 5 months. I mentioned this to the guy, and told him I was not interested in any "fund-raiser". Now, I'm sure he and his co-conspirators will be back later to rob us of our posessions. (and, you know what? He looked suspiciously like the Vampire male downstairs.) Tonight, I'm double securing the windows in the bedroom. The front door has three locks on it already.


We've had our new digital cable set up since about 2:30 this afternoon. We have a couple hundred channels now. Absolutely Nothing Is On!!!!You know that Game Show Network? I watched those games back in the '70's. Same frikken ones. And BBC America? Same un-exciting British stuff they show on PBS. 10 HBO's? Two of those are East Coast time, so I can watch whatever is going to be on in three hours - three hours earlier. And one of the HBO's is in Espanol - fat lot of good that does me. Buyer's remorse. I hate that about myself.


I'm still tired, and cranky too. I have to go back to work tomorrow, though only for two days and then it's a big four day weekend. But, these next two days are going to be hell. I have loads of deadlines coming up. I can feel the heart palpitations now. I never wanted to be a clerical-administrative type worker. Never. I didn't even take any business courses in high school. I wanted to be a doctor! Fancy that. Of course, my self-esteem issues got the better of me, and I figured I would never make the Med School cut. After I started working at a hospital, in the lab, I started thinking that being a doctor's wife would be a much nicer deal. Problem was, screwing the doctors somewhat indiscriminately, did not move one forward along the Mrs. Doctor path... So, when I find myself making photocopies, typing stuff, and putting together gorgeous presentations that make my bosses look good - I have only myself to blame. At least I have a skill.

Well, this has been uplifting. I'm gonna go wash dishes.


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