I have some concerns - concerning my decision to give up sex for a year - two years ago:

The thing is, I'm not so sure I miss it any more. Oh, yeah, I get rabies once in a while, but one way or another, they go away.

I also have this thing about older men. I don't find men over the age of, say, 40 very attractive physically... Oh, I know - that's ageist and politically incorrect, and if a man said that about women, we'd be all over his shit in a New York minute. Sorry about that. I look at men my own age, or older - and there's just nothing happening. Furthermore, I'm so old and decrepit now, no young whipper-snapper would want to ravage me either, and frankly, I wouldn't blame him.

I used to think about my ex-husband being the last man I would ever have sex with - and I would cringe... The last two men I was with since my divorce were both fabulous, talented and energetic. I could possibly live with only my memories, if they were to be the last two partners I got. (Except for the fact that I really, really hate and despise that last guy, so I try not to remember him naked...)

I'm just thinking about this stuff, because it's time to make the annual New Year's resolutions. I always make them and I ALWAYS keep them. I was trying to decide whether or not to make getting laid one of those resolutions for 2002.

I don't know. We'll see what we come up with.


p.s. This morning, I was checking out the digital cable AM line up, and Buffy re-runs are on at 7 a.m.!!!! Good Gawd.

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