Birdwatching update:

It's raining this morning. Not heavily, but enough to make us change our plans. We were going to venture out to the marsh, to birdwatch and take photographs later this afternoon. But, I woke up and heard the rain. I got up, fed the cats, the fish, and put on a pot of Starbucks Shade Grown coffee (I love being environmentally savvy). I was looking out at the Little League field, and I saw a large group of greyish looking birds on the grass. Just the other day, our HR supervisor at work, told me she'd never seen a baby pigeon, and I told her I'd keep an eye out. I thought this might be my chance.

I got the binoculars out (by the way, as my old grandmother used to say "you buy shit, you get shit". Binoculars that cost $29, are just not as good as the more pricey ones - the right eyepiece is already effed up). There were about 30 birds out looking for worms, and sitting in the rain. Not pigeons. They were a couple of families of doves. Not much to write home about.

All of a sudden, a bird flew up from the grass, and landed on top of a really tall pole. I checked it out. At first, I thought I had a cute little finch in my sights. Brown head, nice markings, brown - no, reddish tail...... Waaay too big to be a finch. Holy Shit! A baby or, (as we bird-fanciers like to say) immature Red-Tailed Hawk! He was just adorable. As I was calling the kidlet to come and take a look, I spotted another bird - this one flying down to the gully. This one also had a beautiful reddish back. It flew up and landed on the telephone wires. Another immature Red-Tailed Hawk!! This one was closer, and had it's back to us. The markings on this bird were gorgeous. Reds, browns, and a grey that was almost blue on it's body, under it's wings. It didn't hang around long.

The pole-sitting hawk started stretching it's wings - I suppose it was enjoying the rain, and having a nice bath. He had a little trouble with the whole balance thing, and nearly fell off the pole! He decided to try another location. The fence was better, but still not perfect. So, he flew over to the gardens and landed on a weather vane. Much better. He stretched his wings, and his tail, and had the most refreshing bath before he too, flew off.

We also got what I understand is a rather rare look at a tiny little, dark bird with a long, long tail. Whenever I say the name, I think of Bevis and Butthead. The bird is called a wrentit. (Ha! You said tit!). I saw this same (?) bird the other day at the garden, but by the time I got my binoculars ready, it had disappeared. The wrentit usually hides in the brush, and you don't see it, but it makes a lot of noise, singing and whatnot.

Does it get any better than this???


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