Tired, tired, tired - and I didn't even party last night. I did stay up very late and got up early this morning to watch the Rose Parade. I'm superstitious about the Rose Parade. I think, if I don't watch the parade live on January 1st, my year will be for shite...

Since there was no Rosebowl game, there seemed no purpose in staying home, so the kidlet and I went to a different mall than the one we went to yesterday - or the day before (boring life, much?). I still had a $50 Nordstrom gift certificate one of my bosses gave me for my birthday back in November. The challenge at Nordstrom, was to find something larger than a tube of lipstick that cost in the neighborhood of $50! After several passes through the store, I got lucky. I found a Fossil watch for $55. With tax and the overage, I got a bitchin' new timepiece for around $9. Not bad shopping if you ask me.

We also hit Linens 'n Things and I picked up a new scale. One that has numbers large enough for me to read, first thing in the morning - without my glasses on. It's been a while since I last weighed myself, and I knew the damage was bad - but hooooooolllyyy crap! I've got a long way to go before I reach my dream goal of being the only menopausal woman with a stomach to rival Britney's!

We went on our first official birding jaunt today. For the past couple of nights we've heard a screaming call coming out of the flood control, gully/lake across the street. I had been thinking it was a peacock. However, the female Vampire said she used to live up in Palos Verdes (I knew her parents paid her rent) and that the Peacocks made a much more screamier scream than the one we've been hearing. So, the kidlet and I took the car over to the parking lot behind our local Spaghetti Restaurant (mmmmmm.. Spaghetti)where you can see into the gully from behind a chain-length fence. Wow. It's amazing how nature thrives when it's protected from humans. There were probably thousands of little chirping, singing birdies in the trees. Seagulls were flying in and landing in the water. Ducks were paddling around, quacking away. One of the hawks flew overhead, being flanked, as usual by a couple of crows. And walking around the marshy edges, just as proud as could be - were at least twenty beautiful, Snowy Egrets. Those are the screamers. I'm going back, as soon as I get a better pair of binoculars. Strong ones. Nuclear powered ones. I need to see more birds. Obsessed???? Nah!


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