Last night, I went for a 2-mile walk through the neighborhood, and came back with bloody feet. What a Warrior! Seriously though, I should have listened to that still, small voice which told me all was not well with the socks/shoes combo I had going. At the point of no return, I was in agony. Now my pristine, white shoes have blood spatters on the ankle pads. Blood stains of honor, I say. By the way, I have shed 1.5 pounds in 3 days. Water, I know, but still - 1.5 pounds I don't have to see on the scale any longer.


I'm hormonal as crap today. Verge of tears, paranoid - you know the drill.


Stupid Egrets woke me up last night, or rather, this morning at 4 a.m. Screaming their heads off. On the one hand, it was cool to have those wild-bird noises going on so close to home. On the other hand, each time one of them screamed, it sounded like a woman in horrible danger. Disconcerting as all get out.


Today is the anniversary of my first day without alcohol. Eleven Years between cocktails is a long time. I celebrate my AA birthday on the 8th of January, because for a couple of days after putting down the bottle, I self-medicated with a few valiums to ward off whatever DT's I thought might occur. Of course, I didn't get DT's - but, I had seen them once when I worked at a hospital. The idea of something like that happening to me, scared me to death. I don't count the few days when I took mind-altering substances as "sober" time. So, I wait until January 8th to take a cake. However, I can't help grinning to myself today about the whole eleven years thing...

I hafta get back to work now. Maybe later, I'll re-post with some fabulous rememberance from my past... Or, maybe I'll stick my head in a bucket and hum "Stars and Stripes Forever"... Can't decide right now.


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