Last evening, a gal-pal from work and I went to the Thee-Ah-Taah for some Klass and Kulture. We saw an interesting little number, entitled "Ancestral Voices" by A.R. Gurney. It was really more of a Reader's Theater, as the cast sat in chairs, and more or less, read the play from the script.

Anyway, the play was pretty good. Set in the 1930's and 1940's in Buffalo, New York - all the old folks sitting in the theater were prancing down memory lane. It was a wee bit boring in the middle - some of the old folks fell asleep and were snoring loudly. The codger next to me kept spreading his old-man legs apart and leaning his left one on my right one. Ewwww.

The most fun was seeing the cast. (Actors who are attractive to a camera, are just tiny little people with enormous heads, as my ex-husband used to say), Rene Auberjonois, who's been in everything, and was really, really good in his dual roles. Katherine Helmond, from Soap and Who's the Boss?. Adrienne Barbeau, of the large breasts. Lawrence Pressman of many movies of the week, and my favorite, Doogie Howser, and our tragic hero, Peter Scolari, of Newhart fame. (Frankly, I thought he would be the one who was successful, when I watched him on Bosom Buddies). Go figure.

Speaking of Peter Scolari (and I am...), I saw him once a long time ago, at the Panda Restaurant on Pico, near Westwood. I believe this was during his "big" years. The gals from my office and I, were having one of our famous Mai-Tai lunches, and there he sat, with an extremely plain-featured woman. He was all over her. He was kissing her, and talking sweetly into her ear... Later on, as my group was staggering from the restaurant, I saw them again, waiting for their mini-van, still cuddling and cooing. The mini-van had at least one infant seat in the back. I always liked him for that. For not cashing in on his fame to land some anorexic fashion model, and instead, spend his lunch hour smooching with a regular looking lady. (I only hope I don't find out that he bailed her later for the model. That would bum me out).


I'm down 3.5 pound since Wednesday. This morning, I weighed myself, and I had lost 1.5 more pounds. Then, I took off my socks, and tried again. One-half more pounds gone. Who knew socks were so heavy? I've been eating well, and I haven't been hungry. So far, so good.

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