Aargh. I desparately need for my PMS to be over, and soon. I hope this is bottom. I have such a busy week coming up. Drop-dead deadlines (picturing my boss in a presentation, making shadow puppets on the wall...), PLUS the little bastard is coming in to the office for three days this week - he totally throws me off my track, with his using my phone, and wanting me to find stuff in the files - and deciding new, fabulous ways to impress his bosses... Jeez. I need this like I need another hit of estrogen right now.

Watched Queer as Folk on the East Coast feed tonight, and taped it. In my hormonally challenged condition, it was extra gut-wrenching, with our darlingly HOT Brian, all guilty and emotionally wrecked over his part in boy-toy Justin's hate crime induced brain damage...

The kidlet and I made it back into the Unitarian fold this morning. A quasi-New Year's resolution. The longer our current White House "resident" is in office, the more I need to surround myself with rational, kind-hearted folks, who appreciate open, honest dialog - without shouting "UN-PATRIOTIC!!!" everytime somebody disagrees... God I wish Dubya would get a blow job, so we could impeach him too!

Ah, but I digress. The sermon was given by one of the kids - actually, she's a freshman at U of Mass., and she's studying to become a UU minister. Of course, she get's to deliver the sermon any time she's back in town. She spoke of the different paths each of us takes in order to reach our goals. And, that if we listen closely to whatever callings we have, and follow our passions - we will eventually get where we are supposed to be.

I had a calling once. I was driven, with a passion, to become a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. I threw myself into the study with an obsessive abandon. I was an incredible student - I soaked up information and vomited it back out - much to my instructors' delight. I got a nice internship. Staff and clients adored me (some, a little too much, but that's a whole different entry).

I found out, in an extremely painful and life-altering way, that I was not destined to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. No Way. No How... But, it was a huge enough event, and a powerful enough calling, that I know, somewhere down the line - SOMETHING that I learned in that process will help me get to where I am supposed to be.

(Either that, or the whole thing was a set up from God/dess in order to get me divorced and into some spanking good sex...)

I'd write more, but as you can tell, this is just falling to shit as I type it.


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