I've come down with what can only be considered a moderate case of Anthrax. My throat is sore, I'm sneezing, I can't sleep and I'm tired and achy... Bah!

If I didn't have all these freaking DEADLINES, I would so be under my covers right now, instead of here at work.

Yesterday as we were driving to school/work, my windshield fogged up, and the outside gunk got wet and became a sort of paste - All of a sudden, as I turned into the sun, I couldn't see a bloody thing! Nothing!

So, of course, I started freaking out, and hollaring that I was blind. Thank God/dess, my kidlet had the presence of mind to stick her head out the passenger side window! She guided her hysterical mom around the turn and into a parking lot, where I was able to clean the window. We drove on to school in silence, and as I gave her a kiss goodbye, she said "You know, mom, if both of us had panicked, we'd be dead right now!"... Geez. I guess this is where she takes over the care and feeding of her dumbass mom.


This morning, my voice was heard on the "World Famous" KROQ radio station! Woo Hoo! They have a voice mail feature called the AFRO line ('cause the last 4 digits are A-F-R & O). You can call up and say whatever you want, and sometimes they put it on the air. Not only did they use me, they gave me the last spot, and the drum roll, "rim shot" Ahhhh. Fame. How cool! I love KROQ because a couple of years ago, I was the winner of an Al Pacino trivia contest (duh! Al is one of my best subjects) and my prize was a DVD player.


Gotta go. Birthday party for one of my co-workers. Gee. Will I get ANY work done today???

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