Just exactly how much snot can one body produce?

This afternoon, my boss and I were in a crisis, and needed to find a document we remembered had been thrown away. He got on his knees and dug through my trash - which was repleate with a mashed up banana, my lunch of black beans and rice, and several used snot-rags.... Eeeew????

Horrible, energy sucking day. Budget meetings. Loud voices of managers who normally are not in the office. People huddled together, coming up with strategies. Not an effing doughnut in the house!!!! And me. Me and my stupid deadline, looming over me like a hungry spider. Waiting there to bite me and kill me and drink the marrow from my bones when I have failed to send my happy package off via the FedEx truck on Monday.

All day long, it seemed I paper-clipped the same fricking documents together. Desperately trying to make four stacks. One, two, three - now where was I??? Oh, yeah since 5 people came in and interruped me, I made a bunch of photocopies, gathered contracts for this one and edited a letter for that one - oh, yeah. One.... two.... Shit. Lost count again!!


Two nice things did happen today - both out of Washington DC.

First, there was noticably more money in the old paycheck this week. Thanks to Dubya's squandering of our surplus - I have some dough to bank. And, bank it I will. Usually, when there is an increase, I try and stash it in my 401K. Lately however, when I do that - the money seems to disappear. I'm not falling for it this time. It's going in the savings account, where I can keep an eye on it!

Second thing that happened - and this is just because I, like so many other liberal voters, have been waiting, not so patiently for a little pay-back action. Tick, tick, tick... The ENRON clock is running Dubya. Time for a little smack-down!! Good times. Gooooood times.


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