So, yesterday, when I got to work, a co-worker had left a message on my voicemail. She said that "Arnold" with the huge butt, had been seen coming out of our dark, empty office the night before at 20 minutes after 5... Arnold had a hand full of what appeared to be crackers, and he was trying his best to hide them.......

That was bloody well it.

The nose honking, the staring, the butting into conversations, the asking of personal questions, the FARTING - those are issues we just have to deal with where Arnold is concerned. The entering of our offices and removing foodstuffs is quite another.

I fired off a memo from the four of us gals, indicating our outrage and concern. I also made a couple of suggestions as to a remedy -ie a LOCK for our door, and the purchase of a printer for Arnold, so he has no reason to be anywhere near our office. I requested a reply as to steps that were being taken by management. I copied Human Resources. Wow. I was good.

Who knows what will happen with our friend Arnold. He is currently working in a large room with about 30 other people. They put a panelled wall around Arnold - so high, you can't see over it when you are standing up. The reason for this panel, is Arnold enjoys sticking his fingers up his nose (apparently to the first knuckle), and pulling out a tasty treat - which he proceeds to chew..... I thought the customer service gals were going to barf just telling the story. I guess you can't fire somebody for nose-picking, huh?

I'm down 8 pounds. My waist is becoming more defined, and my cheekbones are peeking out. I forget what a great looking dame I am underneath all this blubber. Look out Boyz!!!!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk", Brian QAF

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