His eyes are kind. Blue, brown, hazel - no matter. Kind eyes. And nice teeth. When he smiles, his face lights up.

He has much hair on his head, and no hair in his chest.

He might be tall and lean, or not tall, and lean. No matter. Height is unimportant when lying down.

His hands are a little rough - with long fingers. He knows how to do things with those hands of his.

His cock? A nice size without being so big as to frighten. His cock appears, well - friendly.

He's a smart man. Smarter than his woman, without being able to outsmart her.

This man loves to laugh. He gets all the jokes. This man has no tragic past, no demons to exorcise, no addictions he's recovering from. His "baggage" easily fits into the trunk of a sub-compact car.

He loves a twitchy, hyperactive woman, who has too much of a past. He has no intention of suffocating her. Will not insinuate himself into her life - yet is obviously interested and appreciative.

And, he allows his woman to be the only drama-queen in the relationship......

Hear that, God? That's the one I want!

Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk Brian, QAF

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