Last night, the kidlet and I were dining at Baja Fresh (btw, I'm down 9-1/2 pounds, woo hoo!) and she mentioned that she had spoken to the school counselor regarding her "Supreme Scream" phobia. The counselor told her she should see a psychiatrist and be placed on medication... Why is it these days that the FIRST solution suggested is always medication????? I'm all for the stuff myself. I'm dying for somebody to tell me I need some Prozac or Xanax - but, why not allow someone to try and work through stuff before throwing pills at them?

Anyway, during dinner, the kidlet visited the Ladies Loo - Guess what? She got her "auntie flo"... She immediately felt better and had little or no anxiety regarding the amusement park ride. The kid had effing PMS! She's still going to ride it tonight. She wants to be proud of herself - I say - YOU GO GIRL!


I'm proud of myself too. Last night, I fired off a retort to an Op/Ed piece I read concerning a certain favorite television show... The writer's opinion was that this show is the result of Conservate America not taking a stand against evil...

Maybe Conservative America was too busy giving ENRON a blow job to pay attention to the television lineup!

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