Looks like my meddling in the ex-husband's life has paid off once more time.

He hasn't spoken to his brother since his wedding back in April. It appears he and his new bride were insulted by his brother and his "wife", and they haven't been able to mend fences yet. The two gals are most of the problem. Both are strong females and tend to keep their men in line via fear of withdrawl of affection (or hootchie). Both men are followers, definitely not strong leaders... Hence the standoff.

I wrote to the brother at Christmas when I sent his/the babies gifts from the kidlet. I mentioned it would be good if the two of them could find a way to get along, since it was troubling to the kidlet to have such a rift in the family.

Saturday, the brother is driving down from Ventura to spend the day with the ex-husband. I'm not sure if either one of them has told their respective women about this. I can't see either woman allowing it without some kind of hissy fit.

The kidlet said her dad mentioned his bride was having a lot of trouble living with him and his ADD. I almost feel sorry for him. It is hard to live with a person who drops things on the floor and then walks right on top of them - pillows, toys, books, it doesn't matter. A person who will wipe catsupy fingers over the armrest of the sofa. A person who gets up at 3 a.m. and eats food from the refrigerator - and leaves the door hanging open and goes back to bed.

I don't feel sorry for her though. She's been with this guy for 5 years. Wasn't she paying attention? At least I have the excuse of being drunk for most of the courtship phase.

I'm happy the two brothers are finding their way back to each other. I sincerely hope their marriage lasts for a while longer. I've found that the more happy and satisfied the ex-husband is, the more willing to help us he becomes, and the more dedicated to his job he remains... Selfish much?

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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