The sponsee called. She's still sober. Very frankly, I had my doubts about that being the case - but she's sober. Good.

She has a lot on her plate right now. She makes shit for salary and is a divorced mom of three kids. Her ex-husband is in a rehab center, so he doesn't contribute any child support. The apartment building she is living in has been sold and she got a 30 day notice - three weeks ago...

Her kindergartner has head lice. For the umpteenth time this year, and neither the babysitter nor the school will accept her back until the little bugs are gone.

To top this off, the asshole married man she's been having the affair with for the past 4 years - left her to go back with his wife. This is about the third time he's done that since I've known her. You see, for him, this has become one big honeymoon. He leaves the wife for my sponsee and she loves him up and screws his brains out. He get's edgy when things get dicey. He leaves her, and goes back to the wife. Of course, she's at the ready, with lots and lots of adoration. As soon as that gets boring, he comes sniffing around the sponsee again. What fun!

Problem is, he doesn't like that the sponsee is sober. He loves her as a drinking buddy. Sobriety has it's limitations after all. The last time they got back together, he would buy her drinks - and then get upset when she turned them down... Finally, she said "fuck it" and got drunk.

The sponsee decided she would rather be sober than with this man. Now, of course the challenge is on for him. He's calling, coming by... So, she applied for Family Leave. She's got her phone disconnected. She is trying to get an admission to a Sober Living house, where the program of Alcoholics Anonymous is around her 24/7...

Good girl. I hope this works out for her.


As for my day, I am currently procrastinating. My car needs new front brakes badly. What am I doing this sunny Saturday? Screwing around. Hoping that by the time I call, the mechanic will be booked up. Why do I do these things????

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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