My daughter. What a pip she is!

My daughter is a full-on Pagan. She celebrates all the Sabbats, knows the phases of the moon, and what spells go with what candles. She's cool.

She also wears a pentacle around her neck, and this has caused some controversy at her high school.

From time to time, other kids ask her if she worships Satan. She always answers with either a straight out "no", or she tells them she doesn't believe in Satan, therefore, she couldn't possibly worship him.

Today, one of those kids - a nice, Christian girl, who incidentally wears a nice cross about her neck - walked up to my daugher, and kicked her right in the shin!

My daughter said "bitch" under her breath, and was immediately challenged as to her choice of words by this sweet child...

My daughter, ever the non-aggresssor, did not ask this girl if she was taught to kick people at church. She did not punch her in her sweet face. My daughter didn't say anything further to this lovely Christian child.

However, as she related her story to me via telephone, her "religious" cousin told her that people wouldn't kick her if she stopped wearing her pentacle. My daughter said, "Well, they can KISS MY ASS!"

Okay then...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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