Well, let's see, shall we?

Today was humming right along. Not doing a whole lot of work (my enthusiasm has dipped a bit lately), having fun on the internet and keeping my office mates amused with tales of my alcoholic mother and her attempts at getting me to go out and buy her a bottle of wine...

Then I found it. A bill for $60,000. A bill that is due this month, and that my boss and I forgot to add to the final - final expenditures list for the fiscal year-end... Fuuuuuuuck!


After work, the kidlet and I decided we needed a treat, and we headed for El Torito's Grill. I knew this was a bad idea going in - I'm not supposed to be eating regular sized portions. I'm in the weight-loss mode. I eat verrry little. I just wanted some nice, sorta-Mexican food... Now, I feel like a blimp, and if I wasn't sure I would get caught up in it - I'm sorely tempted to stick a finger down my throat. One meal won't put all eleven pounds back on. I'm going to be working hard mulching the garden tomorrow. I'll work off that enchilada...


After dinner, we ended up at Borders. Wow. Another meat market. There were men EVERYWHERE. Some of them were nice looking too. One was a fireman (or he owned a fire department T-shirt) and I cruised him up and down. We made some meaningful eye-contact, but, then I thought maybe he looked a bit like an axe-murderer. I didn't pass his way again.

I purchased a CD. Pete Yorn: Musicforthemorningafter. I swear, every track is good. Woo Hoo!


I've been having a weird experience with a friend. Well, okay. I have these two male friends at work. Both of them are gay. One is extraordinarily gay. The other one - well, frankly, the issue never comes up. I don't dwell on it either way. I'm not sleeping with either one of them, so why should I care who they sleep with???

So, the weird part is - the ultra-gay one, keeps trying to out the not ultra-gay one to me... He always makes remarks about him. He say's we should get a place together so we can be like Will and Grace. He tells me the other one can take me to gay bars, and snickers, and generally acts like a fool. I'm not sure what this guy's problem is, but today, I got on his shit about it. I told him I didn't like the PC line he was trying to cross... Later, he got snippy with me, and said he didn't think we should be talking, because I was mis-understanding him.. Bullshit, I say. I totally understood him. I'm just not sure of his motivation. Weird......

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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