I was very responsible today. Good Milkmaid...

I took the Geo over to the mechanic and had the front brakes done. Now, I can stop whenever I want to.

Got the groceries and washed the car.

Made Jambalaya for dinner.

Hey! The mechanic gave me a free lotto ticket and we had a huge jackpot today. I could be an effing kazillionaire right about now!

Mmmmmmm What would I do with a kazillion dollars?

Give half to the government. Here ya go Dubya. Kill off those terrorist bastards for me.

Invest a big chunk of it, so I get a paycheck each month and don't have to work. Yay!

College dough for the kidlet

Buy a few acres in the hills of Agoura, with a couple cows, a big fluffy doggie and a pick up truck (cute, girly one)

Have my boobs done, liposuction, tummy tuck - things lifted and sorted out...

Find a man ten years my junior, and attempt to fuck him to death

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian,QAF

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