More fun news...

The ex-husband called. That certain aerospace company he has worked for - for the past 20 or so years - is laying off a LOT of employees next week.

They're thinning the herd so severely, that his job is on the line.

I'm taking it pretty well. I immediately sat down with pencil and calculator. If I'm really careful, we can survive pretty well without his child support money. As long as he can kick in the $160 for the kidlet's medical insurance each month. He'll have to dip into his Blues gig money for that. I know him. He'll never hold down another day job - for the rest of his life...


The doctors have decided that my mother is in too poor of shape to do any artery cleaning. I figured they'd come to that conclusion after they took a look at how her heart works. Yuck. So, they are trying medication and hoping for the best. I only hope that when her stroke comes, it finishes her off. That's all she'd need. To be just effed up enought so she couldn't communicate, or walk, or feed herself.

This is bleak. I know...


On a lighter note. Today on the Showtime Queer As Foks message boards, one of the "angry gay men" gave me the ultimate compliment. He said I had "balls"! Woo Hoo! Now I can start scratching them!!!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Chance" Brian, QAF

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