Went to lunch with some friends today. We had Korean barbeque. We sat around a table with a grill in the center, and cooked our own lunch. Hello? Why on earth would anyone think THAT was a good idea? The food was pretty good. Interesting flavors. Kind of a cross between Chinese, Japanese and Indian. Now, however, I stink. Great. Going to Borders later to check out the men, and I smell like chicken!


I got to holler (sort of) at the ex-husband today. I have to holler in a nice way, since he's probably going to be unemployed next week, and I want him to remember his daughter in whatever flimsy budget he comes up with...

Last night, the two of them went out together. They saw a movie and got burgers afterwards. He took exception to the counter person being dumb and slow. From the back of the line, he decided (as is his habit) to call everyone's attention to the slow help... This embarrasses his daughter no end. She asked him if he could please, NOT do this. So, he got pissed at her, for speaking her mind in public, and told her not to contradict him..

He called me to tell me what a bad thing it was for her to "embarrass" HIM in public. So, I got to tell him that not only what he does is not cool, his daughter complains that no matter what she is going through, he always turns the story over to be something about HIM. She says he never listens to her. She says she could tell him she was pregnant and he wouldn't even notice.

Her stuff is really typically teenagerish. We know this. Angst and whatnot. However, for HER, it is unique, fresh pain. In her mind, she is suffering like nobody ever has... We need to be supportive of her, and hopefully help to guide her through this stuff.

He has promised to work on his listening skills. We'll see...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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