Ohhhh. Yesterday was wonderful. Hard to sit still, kind of wonderful. Difficult to sleep, kind of wonderful

I have been waiting for a month, to attend the William S. Paley Television Festival. I have been counting the days until I could feed my addiction. Last night, I came, hard (figuratively speaking, of course).

My friend Scott, my daughter and I drove into LA at about 4:30, for a 7:00 tribute to "Queer As Folk", my current obsession.

Firstly, we thought we were too early, and went across the street from the Director's Guild, to Baja Fresh, for a soda. Who was sitting there in the corner, looking ever so luscious? None other than Jeff Probst the host of Survivor!! I took that as a good omen for the remainder of the evening.

We noticed there were people entering the Director's Guild building, and decided to hot foot it back across the street, to see what was up. Good idea, as there were already about 100 people waiting in line to get in to the theater.

We got into line, and people watched for about an hour. At about 6 p.m., they started letting us in to find our seats. We didn't do too badly, and were about one-third of the way back, and dead-center. We sat for a long while, people watching and fidgeting.

Finally, a spokesperson from the Museum of Television and Radio came up and took the microphone. She gave a little talk about the show, and began introducing the wonderful cast, the creators and producers, one by one. This was an especially surreal event for me. Not 20 feet from me, live and in person, were people I see nearly every day on my DVD player, and on my television. People who portray characters I laugh with, cry with, have seen naked, doing all manner of things to each other, and have come to love. At the same time, it was strange to see them - NOT on a screen. I continuously had to remind myself that they were actually sitting in front of me.

The evening began with a screening of tonight's episode. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you have seen Gale Harold (Brian) and Randy Harrison (Justin) in the shower, soaping each other up, and washing each other's backs - on a gigantic theater screen! YOWZA! Anyway, the episode was great and I can't wait to see it again tonight.

After the screening, they were asked by the museum lady to each describe how they got their parts on the show. Well, those of us who are obsessed, already know the details of how everyone was cast, so I spent my time watching the actors goofing and interacting with each other on the stage, while the other actors were talking to the audience. I got to see just exactly how huge Gale Harold's feet are (Hmmmm) and how absolutely beautiful Thea Gill is in person. (her character is usually frumpily dressed, with messy hair - as she plays a lesbian, and I suppose the writers think lesbians just don't care how they look.) I got to take note that the only time, my personal favorite, Gale Harold seemed to pay attention to his surroundings, was when Michelle Clunie, who plays Thea's partner, spoke up. Oh, he was smiling at her, and laughing along - Maybe the rumors about those two being an item aren't just made up after all...

There was a Questions and Answers portion, and people in the audience got up and mostly praised the show for it's excellence. This made me particularly happy, because I frequent a message board with quite a few people who do nothing but bitch and complain about the show. I can't figure it out. If I hate a television show, I usually find something else to watch. These people just carry on day in and day out. It was good to hear positive things about this fabulous show.

Except - the very last person picked to ask a question... Sitting at the very back of the theater. I knew him. He was from the message board! He had brought a few friends with him to make a protest outside the Director's Guild. They call themselves "Queers Against Queer As Folk"

This guy and I had a very ugly encounter last Wednesday. So ugly in fact, the moderator deleted our last eight posts. There he was. Standing up and sharing, angrily and passionately, his views on the last episode. Wow! That really livened up the room. The cast members answered him back - some just as passionately. The creators spoke up too. Of course, the man in the back of the room was not satisfied. He will NEVER be satisfied... But, his dream came true. He got to say his piece directly to the individuals he believes are responsible for his pain. Good for him!

There was a standing ovation at the end of the evening.

But, it wasn't over yet. There were autographs and photos! We got to go up near the stage area and have the cast members sign things and we could take pictures. They are such friendly people. And beautiful to look at. They signed and signed. They smiled and talked. Well, all except my man, Gale Harold. Poor thing. He's just not cut out for this kind of fame. He looked so tired and so overwhelmed. He got down on one knee, and like an assembly line worker, he signed autograph after autograph. Just looking up to give whatever he had signed back to the fan. He didn't smile. He didn't carry on conversations like the others. The females were on him the way they must have been on Elvis, or Frank Sinatra... I didn't even go there. (I sent my kid!!!). I did get close enough to take a picture, which I hope will turn out. However, after the flash went off, Gale Harold looked up and right into my eyes... He didn't smile. I felt so bad. Like I had assaulted him. Just what he needed - another flash bulb in his face...

My friend Scott was wanting to leave, so my daughter and I reluctantly said our goodbyes. As we left the building, we came upon the protestors. I introduced myself to the guy from the message board (this was pretty ironic, as last Wednesday, we sort of chose each other on..."Oh yeah? Well, I'll see your sorry ass on Saturday!" kind of thing). He was really friendly and nice. So was I.

The kidlet and I couldn't wait to drop Scott off at his condo, so we could turn to each other and scream like two little girls. Which we did a couple of times on our way home.

I'm never, ever going to forget last night.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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