Um. Okay. I take it all back.

The other day, my buddies and I were sitting at lunch, and I was saying how I have only female professionals. Female doctor, female dentist, female therapist, female hairdresser - female massage therapist... That was before I met my new best friend George!

I decided to have a massage today, as it has been three months since I made a vow to have a massage once a month. Hmmm. So much for vows.

I never considered that I would get a guy massage therapist - really. Didn't request anyone special, and nobody asked. So, when I got to the massage place, and they said my person was "George", I had a couple of options. I could be a pussy girl and whine until I got a female - or I could be brave, try something new, and take the boy. Oh, I'm so happy I was brave!

George was probably as gay as the day is long - but he still had that "guy" thing goin' on. His hands knew exactly how hard to push, and he stroked and rubbed and - well, you get the picture... He didn't wuss out like the women do. And, he went places that no woman has ever gone. His upper thigh work was magnificent!

Yep. I love me some George...

Now, I'm oily and relaxed, and ready for a quiet, culture-filled Saturday night.

First though, I have to go vote somebody off Diary Survivor Island... It's going to be very difficult finding anyone to vote off, because all the contestants are really talented and so nice. (maybe I'll vote myself off and get it over with)...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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