Some things I saw this weekend:

Picture of Gale Harold and Randy Harrison flying across the living room. (How this happened is still a mystery, I can only assume our ghost is jealous)

Bumper stickers in my church parking lot "Free Lori Berenson", "Million Mom March - I Vote!", "If You Can't Trust Me With A Choice, How Can You Trust Me With A Child" I love Unitarians!

Special Olympics baseball game on the Little League field next door. Those kids ROCK HARD!

A young bird - so young, he had no distinctive markings - was sitting on the telephone wire outside my apartment. This bird was singing sweetly in the early morning air. He called, and called, and I got my binoculars out, to take a better look. Just then, a young female bird, obviously attracted by his call, joined the little male bird. He jumped up, landed on her back, and screwed the daylights out of her, before flying away. Men.....

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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