I'm going to try and write this before lunch is over...

I had the spookiest thing happen to me at 1:22 a.m. I'm not kidding. I'll tell you exactly the way it happened and let you make your own mind up...

I have a grave fear of my darkened apartment. Well, I am very afraid of the dark, and my apartment is so quiet at night, because we live off the beaten path and there's no traffic. Only quiet and birds and the occasional owl hooting in the tree.

I have a habit of falling asleep with the television on, and I have the timer set to turn it off at some point in the night. Last night, I fell asleep with the remote in my hand, and when I awoke at 1:22 the remote was on the floor, and the television was off.

Now, as a side note, this particular remote came with the digital tv set-up, and it has about 50 buttons on it. Many times when I wake up, I try and turn the tv back on, due to my neurotic fear of the dark and quiet - and I will inadvertently hit a wrong button, and be unable to turn the tv on at all. Those nights, I fall uneasily back to sleep, listening to the creaking of my apartment and the strange noises from outside.

Okay. So, my remote is on the floor, and I bent down to retrieve it. As I sat back up, I thought to myself, "okay, tonight I'm going to push the correct button and turn this tv on". Just as I thought that, three buttons on the remote lit up, and the television went on... by itself!

I swear, I didn't touch the tv button. Plus, there's no way that THREE buttons would need to be pushed in order to turn the tv on!

I got up, went to the bathroom, came back and got into bed. I laid there with my heart thumping in my chest for a while. Then, I thought, at least whomever it was, was trying to be helpful...

If this is a ghost, it surely is the same one we tried to get rid of before. He's just becoming more and more active these days. A friend told me I needed to talk to him, and tell him that he is dead. Yeah, like he'd listen to the likes of me.

Perhaps I could train him to be like Cordelia's ghost on "Angel", and get him to wash my back and hang up my clothes. I mean, really. What's he got to do all day long?

At any rate, I have NO explanation as to what that was. Nearly scared the pee out of me!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian,QAF

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