This has been an extraordinary day. Except for the part where I got one of my bosses in deep-shit trouble, and he'll more than likely hate me forever - it's been an extraordinary day...

Without going into much detail, I will simply say that I was able to connect on an emotional level with one of the most angry, rageful men I have ever met. At first, I was put off by his fury and hateful name calling. But, all of a sudden I got it! Underneath anger is pain. He was very angry because he was in great pain. I was able to verbalize his pain, and take his side - against a whole shitload of other people - and I was able to earn, if not his trust (we'll save that for another day) - at least his respect. Whoa. What a high that is!


Spring is here. I believe I will venture out to the Marsh and see if I can get photos of the baby ducks tomorrow. Maybe this time I can get close enough... Ahhh my queendom for a telephoto lens!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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