Not exactly dead people - but I did see a lot of graves of dead people yesterday.

We ventured out to Forest Lawn in Hollywood - my kidlet forced me to get out of the house. It was kind of cool. I saw the tombs of Bette Davis, Liberace, Stan Laurel, Morey Amsterdam (didn't even know he was dead), Freddie Prinz Senior and Andy Gibb! Wow! Andy Gibb laying in that wall, all dead and everything. That one was actually sad. He was such a cutie...

The sun and fresh air and exercise was helpful in ridding myself of some of this depression. Endorphins are good, very good.

I also have come to believe I need to make a plan of some sort. If I don't have something concrete to look forward to - something to work on, I tend to become depressed. I realize I have no plans in the works. I don't have a clue what my project will be - but I have to come up with something, and quick, or I'll be taking to my bed again...

Work was pretty okay today. No hysterial bosses to deal with, which was nice.

I'm preparing a letter to the head of programming at Showtime. I'm going to request that the "creators" of Queer As Folk be fired ASAP. They have taken a wonderful television show and turned it into the most diluted, sophomoric piece of crap on TV! It hurts me to say it, but last night, I could barely watch it without screaming... I suppose when the money continues to roll in, whether the show is bad or good - certain people become lazy. I remember how those two screwed up another good show "Sisters" - and after a couple of seasons, it too was unwatchable. Boo! Cowlip! Booooooo!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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