What a beautiful morning! The sky was an unprecidented blue, and the air screamed "spring!"...

The other day, I sneaked over to the gardens (I haven't written anything lately about my garden, have I?). In mid-February, I pulled out the balance of my vegetables, and left the garden. I thought it would be a couple of weeks vacation from weeding. Little did I know that I would decide to decide NOT to garden this spring... Then, the rains came - and the winds - and the bitter cold... Needless to say, I didn't go in to check on my little plot for about two MONTHS! I was afraid to go in, because I could picture the weed patch, and the judgemental looks from the other gardners.

I waited until it looked deserted... I sneaked in... Oh, my good Christ!!! The weeds were so high in that plot - they covered my wheelbarrow up to the handle!!! It is completely trapped in the weeds (and I distinctly heard buzzing coming from those weeds...)

I turned on my heel and practically jogged outa there!


This weekend, we're going to go to see "Frailty"! Woo Hoo! Finally a movie that will actually scare me!!!


Depression is lessening... I worked at my job more or less all day yesterday - which is a good sign. I washed dishes last night, and even manged to do some laundry. These may not sound too heroic, but when all I really have had the strength for lately is sitting on the sofa with the remote in my hand, flipping, flipping, flipping... This is all good stuff. I also started taking some pretty fancy multi-vitamins, with trace elements of one kind or another - plus fish oil, which is supposed to be helpful in depression. My kidlet takes it twice a day. Gawd, she takes a bunch of stuff. Every morning with breakfast, I give her a multi-vitamin, 400mgs of vitamin E, 1000 mgs of fish oil, 30 mgs of St. John's Wort, and a Ritalin!


Well, back to work. Tonight, it's Larry King Live at 6 p.m.... The cast (yeah!) and "creators" (talentless hacks) of "Queer As Folk" will be on, and I am hoping the question I submitted will be read... Come on, 15 minutes of fame!!!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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