Ya know what? I am pretty fucking mad!

Eleven bloody months ago, everbody knew Robert Blake killed his wife... They had to pick TONIGHT of all nights, when my show was going to be on Larry King Live - to arrest him. That's just wrong on sooooo many levels.

And, stupid Larry King, I swear to God, at one point, I heard him ask the on-the-scene reporter "How many police officers do you see?" Whoa! Excellent reporting, Larry! I sat here and counted 9 on my television screen, all milling around Robert Blake's backyard... The reporter was a quarter of a mile away from the scene of the arrest..

They've rescheduled my show for next Wednesday. In these uncertain times, who knows what non-story will take place, and they'll kick my boyz off the air once again...

I'm going to put on my pj's now, and take to my bed. I only hope and pray that CBS has the good sense to run Survivor tonight. If these assholes are still standing in front of Robert Blake's house by 8 o'clock, I may be forced to eat massive quantities of Oreos...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF
I guess Robert Blake thought so...

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