You know how teenagers tend to rebel against their parents' values??? Usually it involves getting things pierced, or dating sailors, or smoking dope?

Not mine!

Oh, no. See, my kidlet has it very hard. Her mom is a recovering dope fiend, who had her nose pierced at the tender age of 40 - and sports a tattoo... What is this kid supposed to do in order to claim her own place in the universe?

It seems to have something to do with Jesus... Oy Vey!

After all my hard work too. She's decided to rebel by studying Christianity - with the same fervor she studied Paganism... She pours over her bible. She looks things up on the internet. She even proved me wrong on a detail I was proud to think I knew.

I suppose it's okay - no, even a good idea for her to have a well-rounded perspective. I only hope she doesn't become involved with any group that handles snakes - or will take her to live in a tent up in the hills somewhere... Jeez. This is a mother's nightmare.


I need to go wash those dishes. I need to clean up my front room. I need to go prepare my experimental dinner (I've created a new dish...) I need to do all those things so I can reward myself by curling up on the sofa, on this grey and breezy day - to read a book.

Discipline, old girl - discipline!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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