Dusted off the old Richard Simmons exercise tape tonight. Had to do it. I didn't eat dinner for three nights, and ended up gaining 3 pounds. Whatthe????

It felt good to see my old, fat exercise buddies. (well, they are fatter than me, anyway). I kept up pretty well, considering I'm on medication that makes my heart beat really slow and very softly. Plus, I haven't really moved my lard-butt for about a year, now... Jeez. I'm surprised I haven't died!

The reason I was able to do R. Simmons, is - get ready - The Vampires Have Moved Out!!! Yep. They've been somewhere else for a while, but they still had their furniture and stuff in the apartment. I don't know if they tour with a rock band, or if she got put into rehab, or what. But, this past weekend, her mommy and daddy had packed up her apartment, and she's out-a-here! So, I could jump up and down all I wanted, because nobody was downstairs to care.... Woo Hoo!


I'm learning more and more, how completely full of shit some people are. Truly amazing. That's all I'm prepared to say on that score. Just some people I know, and whose opinions I have valued - are really, just full of shit, and completely rigid in their thinking. I know those people could probably say the same thing about me too. I don't care. Neener Neener...

Well, okay - I'll spill.

Some stuff happened on my show last night, that was pretty surprising... (personally, I thought it was really hot, but then again, I'm just a Hetchick, what do I know...?) Anyway, some of my cyberbuddies are all up in arms and completely freaking out about this sudden "switch"... Like it would NEVER happen in a real relationship, where the two people involved might decide just for shits and giggles to change roles... Naaaaw. Never happen...

All I can say is , with attitudes like these guys have - they are probably the most BORING lovers on the planet, and I'm glad I'm not their boyfriend! (wait, now, THAT could never happen...)

Babble, babble, babble...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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