Just walked in the door and it's coming up on 9 pm... Aaargh!

I walked out of work and when I got to my car, I saw that one of my three-week old tires was flat. Now, I drove around on my old tires until they were officially unsafe at any speed. Bald, shredding - never a problem. I get these newfangled Sears tires, and boom! Flat as a pancake.

I had to pick up the kidlet, who was waiting for me at the end of a long driveway - nowhere near my mother's apartment, so she couldn't holler to her - and I have no spare - due to former crack-head boyfriend's stealing the spare to pay for crack about 6 years ago - and me being to cheap to replace it.

My office mate offered her cellphone, and I called my mother. She had the little girl who lives downstairs from her fetch my kidlet. I hoofed it back to the office and called Triple-A. I ordered up a tow truck and sat in my car, listening to talk radio until it showed.

Oh, my driver! I swear, if I didn't know Ving Rhames' career was doing fine - I swear it was he behind the wheel. Get this - my driver's name was "Precious"! And he WAS!

Precious put air in the tire, and followed me over to Sears - in case I went flat again. Sears guys filled out paperwork to fix my flat tire, and sent me over to the store to spend money for an hour whilst they worked. I spent $65...

I came back to the auto place, to be informed that my flat was fixed, but my wheel was somehow stuck on their machine, and they couldn't get it off!

Can I say how very glad I am that the doctor's gave me Beta Blockers???

I settled in to watch the Jeopardy Master's Tournament with two old geezers - who were yelling out the answers - when they called my name to let me know the car was fixed...

They weren't real clear on the tire's problem. A nail? Maybe... I don't think they know.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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