Busy busy Milkmaid!

I just finished writing a letter to the Executive VP of Original Programming at Showtime networks. I love writing letters to important people - especially when the little people could do the job just as well. Important people just love to get involved - er, or maybe they just hate to be bothered, I don't know. Sending letters to important people always seems to get me noticed. Like the time the VP of Time-Warner cable, called me at work (how did he get that number, I wonder) to discuss my complaint letter about all the added fees to my cable bill. Now, I didn't exactly enjoy that particular conversation, because he knew all the answers and I didn't. But, I got action. I love action! I hope that VP of Original Programming gets so mad that he got a complaint letter from a middle aged woman in Southern California - that he stomps over to CowLip's offices and FIRES them right away! Woo Hoo!


In other news, I have decided to write a screenplay. Little old me... Now, I know I was the very first NANOWRIMO drop out, but that was because the daily word part freaked me out. If it's my screenplay, with my characters and my story, I think I can do it.

Anyway, I bought a book, because there's probably some specific way you have to write a screenplay. I'm going to read it, and write my ideas down and get this thing written.

Oh, the main character? Me....

Who should play me? Pamela Anderson? Naw... Prolly Kathy Bates! Actually, she might just be good at playing me. Better than me even!

I'm going to make it to Hollywood yet! Oh, wait a minute. I can get there in 20 minutes if I take the 110 Freeway!


"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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