It's happened!!! I have arrived

I received an invitation to attend a "Garden Party Buffet & Fundraiser" at the tres expensive home of a couple of physicians - in conjuction with the A frickin C.L.U.!

I don't believe I've ever been to a garden party before. Well, not since I was about 5, at my grandmother's house - and everyone played croquet and the grownups drank beer. I don't suppose this will be anything like that!

At first I thought I wouldn't go. But then, I figured it would be interesting to see who attends these things, and what goes on.

Plus, what if there's some really hot, liberal minded guy there? What if he's looking for a really hot, liberal minded woman to rock his world? With my luck all the men there will be so liberal minded, they'd respect me too much as a woman to want to violate me!



Oh yeah. Buffy sucked last night, and I may never recover. Joss Whedon, you are evil. Hitting us over the head with the truth that Spike is in fact, a BAD HOMBRE. No escape for the romantics this time. Bah!

I only hope they kill him off in the season finale. I can just picture a full on, blow-out with Buffy, Willow, Spike and maybe even Druscilla (I love her!). Spike, in the very end, does something good, saving lives, just as he takes a stake in the heart... *sigh*

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian QAF

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