I saw one of the falcons this morning!

I have been a bit worried about those two, especially since the male was not very bright - not a very good hunter - and we have so many other preditor birds here - I was a little concerned they might be killed by a hawk.

Apparently, the American Kestrel Falcon is one of the most fragile of the raptor family. The fact that there are two - a male and female - who live in my neighborhood is wonderful, and I am looking forward to catching a glimpse of some young falcons later this year.

Oh yeah. The falcon was swooping down to earth, with some sort of furry creature in its talons. Lunch anyone?


My kidlet is taking the "sex ed" class her school offers to its 9th graders.

First day, she noticed that there were students missing from class. (If the parents don't want their kid to learn sex stuff, they have to sign a paper to get their kids out of class). Out of the usual 30 kids, 10 kids were signed out. At the beginning of the class, the instructor asked how many kids could talk to their parents about sex. Only 4 kids raised their hands. I think that is so sad. What is wrong with people that they are so afraid to talk about something as natural and completely normal as sex? How much shame and embarrasment has been drilled into children's minds that they grow up this repressed? No wonder this society is in such a fucked up mess. No wonder priests are molesting kids and porn is everywhere. Gaaaah! Don't get me off on a rant!

Oh yeah. Yesterday as we were driving home, she said that she was the only kid in class who was brave enough to go to the front and "hold the banana". She then gave me a lecture on how to apply the condom, latex vs. other kinds of condoms - female condoms - how you shouldn't wear two condoms because that makes them tear.... We're getting our money's worth on this class! Whew!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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